Smart Devices


Key areas

  • Low power wireless network design
  • Sensor technology selection
  • Embedded software development
  • Software application development
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Design for Manufacture services

Our extensive experience in the world of IoT product development will ensure you choose the right technology path for your project. There are hundreds of modules, components, protocols and standards to navigate through when trying to select the right solution for your situation. We’ll use our specific expertise in wireless communication, sensors and networks to piece the perfect jigsaw together, one that suits your business goals, and customer use cases.

Our experience covers wireless technologies all the way from RFID close range technology, through to long range 900Mhz based systems. Coupled with our knowledge of sensors and embedded software, we’ll design a system that can reliably gather, transmit and send your data to a central point for analysis and use – whether this in the home, across city blocks or thousands of acres of farmland.

Our strength is our experience, cutting through the mass of available options to land on the right path which gets your product to market successfully. Take a look at our IoT projects to see how we’ve delivered this for our customers.

Our goal is to get your product to market by providing the right guidance so you can navigate the design decisions and documentary requirements for your product, whether that’s here in Australia or Worldwide.

For more information on our smart device projects, take a look at the case studies below.