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Procept’s expert advisory team provides unfiltered counselling, feasibility studies and critical data presented in a format you can utilise to make informed business and market projection decisions.


User & Market Research

Understand the needs of the people who will engage with your product with our Human Centred Design techniques. The insights our Advisory team gain inform future realities of your project that addresses genuine end user pain points. Through our Market Research services, you will quantify the value proposition and the broader market to determine the viability of the product vision for your business.

Product Strategy

Develop your informed and reliable strategy to guide the design of your products and services, with a vision of the true value and change your offering provides. Managing uncertainty and revealing opportunity is what our Advisory team excel at. Our focus is determining evidence-driven outcomes that are optimal for your business and end users.

Feasibility Studies

Creatively address the varying risks involved in achieving your product vision by empowering your strategy with our expert technical experience. Early investigations generate critical evidence to support your technical direction and often reveal new pathways to achieve your required outcomes.

Concepts & Models

Visualising your future is a powerful tool in building common understanding and clear visibility of your path ahead. Using physical models and mock-up’s also allows you to stress test assumptions of value early in product development, so that costly missteps later in development are avoided.

Technology Roadmaps

Navigate your team and business through uncertainty. Our Advisory experts work with you to produce technology roadmaps based on real world evidence. Making directional decisions involving new technologies or concepts can be difficult. Our Advisory teams extensive expertise and experience provide solid, informed and reliable foundations for your business and stakeholders investment decisions.

Uncovering the Technology Solutions available to you and your business, and informing the strategy that will deliver lucrative new avenues for sustained growth and success is the primary goal of our Advisory team.


Procept is proudly unique in our offering of being the only Technology Solutions partner you need to provide expert Advisory services and fully develop all end-to-end aspects of your product or technology solutions.

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