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Award Winning Engineering & Design

What we do

Procept is home to a diverse and multi-talented team that have experience across a broad variety of development projects.

We’ve taken all manner of challenges in seeking to assist ambitious developers and problem solvers reach their goals. Whether the task has been to assist in the creation of new and innovative instrumentation, the development of software and novel algorithms, or to serve in an advisory capacity throughout the development of your hardware solutions – we house the knowledge and expertise to assist you in reaching your goals.

Expertise & capabilities


Electronics engineering

Highspeed digital, analogue, and mixed signal electronic engineering using rigid or flex PCB manufacturing techniques.


Embedded software engineering

Firmware to bare metal bring up software, device drives and applications for Windows, Linux, Android, RTOS and other proprietary operating systems.


Medical Devices

We have well established processes for the development of medical devices and diagnostic instruments according to ISO13485, ISO14971, and IEC 62304. In alignment with 21 CFR 820.30 and EU medical device regulations.


Communication development

Wireless and fixed communications technologies incorporating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or LoRa to proprietary sub 1GHz technologies, the use of satellites and drones for the management of data over geographically sparse applications.


Rugged survivability

Products developed for reliable operation in harsh, rugged applications including extreme temperatures in aerospace, dusty mining environments or technology that needs to withstand high pressures or accelerations.


Industrial design

We design products that shape industries, with early stage sketches, rendered concepts, through to mechanical engineering, and virtual product walkthroughs.


Mobile app development

We help develop beautifully designed mobile apps that pair perfectly with hardware products, whether it be iOS or Android.


Inertial platforms

Inertial platforms used to measure precise movement, vibration, and fatigue in complex systems to the development of body worn sensors for healthcare applications.


Optics and image procesing

Optical systems to acquire high resolution, calibrated images for use with traditional image processing or with Artificial Intelligence.


Motion control

Expertise in developing motion control systems, driving motors in vehicular applications to controlling linear and rotational motion at the nanometer scale for optical and scientific systems.



Designing and integrating fluidic systems for complex scientific instruments to high precision point of care medical devices.



Unparalleled expertise in the application of sensor technologies and calibration systems, from inertial sensors for movement and vibration analysis to biochemical, optical, or magnetic sensors.

About our work

About our Work – Process and approach

Working with Procept means more than providing our customers with a world class technology and platform solution. Our services approach has been honed over 20 years to be practical, robust and reliable, ensuring the solution deployed for your business is primed for long term use and guaranteed to meet your business goals.​

Solution Discovery

At the start, we combine business and technical consulting skills to zero in on the right solution to meet your business goals.

New Product Development Stages Alt

Data Science

We work tirelessly to piece together the correct data recipe to deliver machine learning algorithms, predictive capabilities and powerful AI led decision making.​

Project and Program Management

We have an excellent track record in managing and delivering projects, working transparently with clients and partners in various locations and time-zones.


Over the years we have refined our approach to solution deployment to ensure a smooth running and on-schedule result​

Product Lifecycle Management

For bespoke sensing solutions we handle the concepts, commercial design and manufacturing so all commercialization risks are covered.​

Quality Matters

We test your solution at every step to ensure it meets our rigorous QA processes, all managed by our experienced development team.​

Procept Project and Program Management Melbourne Australia

Scaling your business

Our experts are always on hand to discuss new insights, use cases and priorities to continuously deliver value to your business


Procept is proudly unique in our offering of being the only Technology Solutions partner you need to provide expert Advisory services and fully develop all end-to-end aspects of your product or technology solutions.

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