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Solve your business’s unique and specific technology solution needs with our award-winning Advisory, Product Development, IoT and Client Support Service teams.


Partner with Procept’s Advisory and Technology experts to identify and solve your key business problems through innovative technology solutions.

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Our focus is quality.



Our vision is to make a positive difference through the application of the latest technologies to solve real-world problems and improve peoples’ lives.

Our mission is to serve as your key technology strategic partner, leveraging our Advisory and Technology Solutions development expertise to deliver custom developed solutions to meet your business’s specific needs. Empowering companies with the latest technology and data insights to drive their business growth is our speciality.

Partner with Procept and drive and your company to significant and continued market-leading success through our shared passion for innovative technology solutions.


Lead Your Business & Market With Industry Defining Custom Developed Technology Solutions.

The Procept Difference – We are unique to the industry in providing end-to-end Advisory, Product Development, IoT, Data & Cloud and Client Support Services., allowing our expert team to custom develop technology solutions to meet your specific business and market needs.

Clients the world over partner with Procept to develop technology that drives the future of their business success.

See how our one-of-a-kind suite of advanced technology solutions and award-winning team of advisors, engineers and project managers can help you drive the future success of your company.

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Advanced Capabilities

With a wide range of advanced capabilities, our team have become industry leaders in providing world-class technology solutions to clients world-wide.

Only Procept houses this range of Advanced Capabilities and Centers Of Excellence to custom develop technology solutions to solve a wide variety of very specific business and market problems.


Electronics engineering


Wireless Communications




Medical Certified Devices


Mobile App Development


Embedded Software


Cloud Computing


Data Modelling




Motion Control


Industrial design



Centers of Excellence

The Procept team are renowned for being best in the business experts in four key disciplines, creating one-of-a-kind diversity in the high-end technology solutions available to our valued clients.


Optics & Image Processing


Intertial Platforms


AI @ the Edge


Survivability & Critical Systems

Procept’s expert advisory team provides unfiltered counselling, feasibility studies and critical data presented in a format you can utilise to make informed business and market projection decisions

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Uncovering the Technology Solutions available to you and your business, and informing the strategy that will deliver lucrative new avenues for sustained growth and success is the primary goal of our Advisory team.

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See what our valued clients have to say about Procept

Austin Health

Prof Mary Galea

“Procept conducted the Feasibility Study using a methodical and highly consultative process, documentation and communications have been of a high standard.”

Department of Primary Industries

David Williams

“The development of our technology solution has allowed Victoria to take the lead in reporting to the federal government on state of the environment, providing hard real-world data to support our claims that we are doing a good job”


Matt Denton

“Our device relies on various radios working together in unison, so engineering is crucial.

First we wanted to assess feasibility then develop a Proof of Concept to show the market what it could do.

We approached a dozen engineering companies, rapidly cutting back to four. Of the last four, Procept’s proposal for both stages was simple, timely and demonstrated that they understood our requirements, so we chose them.

They know the area of low power devices and have their own Operating System, which helped our speed to market.

It was a pleasure working with the whole team.”

Biophony by Department of Primary Industries

Stuart Gage

“The work that Procept are doing is just exceptional. The automation and wireless communication back to our base station for all sensors is just terrific.

The integration of all of the components of our system, the sensors, the gateway and the RCS are all tied together in a package that makes sense”

Procept developed some innovative and interesting software to enable the programming of sensors from remote locations …. tremendous innovation”

Join our wide range of clients that have enjoyed market-leading results by partnering with Procept for their Technology Solutions needs.

Take your vision from initial concept through to market reality with our award-winning team of engineers and designers.

Our proprietary product development process guides you from concept right through to design, manufacture and launch.

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Working with our expert team of engineers, you will custom develop any technology solution you require to meet your specific business and market needs.

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Future proof your business with custom developed connected device, data and cloud solutions to meet your very specific needs.

Procept are partnered with AWS and Microsoft Azure

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IoT, or the “Internet of Things” is a wide range of essential technology solutions to modern day real-world problems, that involves connecting businesses, devices, people, and data together seamlessly, using the internet.

Businesses in almost every sector are embracing the significant bottom-line cost savings, operational advantages, reduced critical risks, increased agility and market edge this emergent technology provides.

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The support and ongoing maintenance of your technology during it’s entire life-cycle is critical to long-term success.

Take advantage of Procept’s extensive range of support services to ensure you have all the long-term support you need.

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Procept’s best in the business Project Management team manage your entire project from concept, through development to post launch support.

With decades of experience at your service, you will enjoy consistent and successful results.


Award Winning Products

Award Winning Engineering & Design


Procept is proudly unique in our offering of being the only Technology Solutions partner you need to provide expert Advisory services and fully develop all end-to-end aspects of your product or technology solutions.

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Downloadable Value Guides

Fast track your research to gain the valuable insights you need to lead your business and team into the future of your technology solutions.

Our downloadable value guides empower you with expert knowledge in Advisory Strategy, Technology Solutions, Business and Industry Insights and Product Development.


Meet the leadership team

Our senior management team has over 100 years of collective experience in product development, technology and business strategy.

Aaron Maher

Managing Director

Aaron is one of Procept’s founders. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience having work at GM, Ericsson and having started a number of new enterprises over the last 15 years.

Aaron has over 20 years experience in product development, entrepreneurship, technology commercialisation, and business management.

Adrian Crouch

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian is a co-founder of Procept. He’s a keen technology entrepreneur with leadership experience in product management, technology strategy and business development in Australia and abroad.

Adrian has extensive experience in automation and wireless product development, and enjoys pushing the boundaries with new and novel technologies.

Dino Bravin

Sales Executive

Dino Bravin has over thirty years of experience in the technology sector, having worked in both the public and private sector.

Dino enjoys providing innovative technology solutions for his customers, maintaining customer & business relationships and assisting customers develop strategic insights about their markets.

Robert Natoli

Project Office Manager

Rob brings over 20 years experience in project management on product and system development projects. Managing projects in telecommunications and mobile applications in banking, toll-road operations, aviation and health insurance.

Rob enjoys working with clients to understand their requirements and with development teams to deliver client value.

Nilesh Ghatpande

Engineering Manager

Nilesh brings over 20 years’ experience in product engineering, and is passionate about building high performance teams that apply cutting edge technology to solve real world problems.

Nilesh believes in collaboration and is responsible for realising benefits offered by local and globally distributed cross-functional teams.