7 Examples of Successful Product Development Projects

When you’re looking to develop a product, it can be helpful to review examples of other product development projects so you can apply what applies to your project.

Successful product development projects often require a professional, tailored approach, as no two products are identical.

Every business has unique needs and objectives, which is why it helps to work with a flexible, knowledgable and experienced product engineering team.

Here are seven examples of successful product design and development projects that the team at Procept has completed in recent years:

 1. eHat Hardhat with Two-Way Communication

Our eHat project is an excellent example of a successful design, development and engineering project.

The eHat team needed to prove that effective two-way communication via a safety helmet could function properly in the field. This presented several challenges.

The eHat is intended for use in industrial settings, such as construction sites. However, it also needed to incorporate a variety of components, including a camera, microphone, battery, and processing hardware as well as maintaining its structural strength for safety.

With the concept design by our friends at Katapult Design and our team’s expertise with software, hardware and network design, we were able to successfully combine the required components in an attractive design that offered ease of use and the durability needed for industrial settings.

Learn more about the eHat Hardhat

2. SIM By Simavita LTD


Simavita Ltd approached us to design a new way to manage and monitor incontinence in aged care facilities.

Managing incontinence takes a significant amount of time and resources at care facilities, which causes discomfort and reduced quality of life for sufferers.

Our solution was to design a wireless mesh network to support wireless body-worn sensors, where data gets continuously transmitted from sensors worn by patients and processed in real-time.

With this new medical technology in place, doctors can now monitor patients in real-time and better tailor care plans for each patient.

Our engineering team’s experience in wireless mesh technology and app development helped to make Simavita’s product vision come to life, and improve results and lives for doctors and patients.

Learn more about SIM.

3. Smart Wheels by Concourse Golf

Concourse Golf had identified a niche need in the market for a product that made carrying cumbersome golf clubs around a course much easier for golf lovers who could no longer physically carry their clubs.

Their vision was to create a golf trolley that was more accessible and technologically sophisticated than the current, cumbersome electric golf trolleys.

Our engineering team were tasked with creating a world-first: creating self-contained, self-propelled, wireless golf buggy wheels.

The key challenges were combining the components into the available wheel space and ensuring that the system could hold up for at least 27 holes.

By combining our experience with electrical engineering, battery solutions and product design, we were able to work with the team at Design + Industry to overcome these challenges and deliver a successful product.

The CBM Smart Wheel won a Good Design Award and was featured on Fox Sports and Australian Golf Digest.

Learn more about Smart Wheels.

4. Biophony by Department of Primary Industries

The Department of Primary Industries needed a way to help farmers and fruit growers minimise their impact on the environment.

Our solution was to build modular sensor stations powered by solar panels, connected via a secure cloud network and accessed with a custom-developed app.

Farmers and fruit growers can easily install the sensor stations in almost any environment while connecting them to a wide area network. The sensors provide real-time updates and rely on an intuitive web interface for viewing data.

Learn more about Biphony.

5. WiTouch by Hollywog LLC

We partnered with HollyWog LLC and Katapult Design to create an effective product that incorporates TENS technology.

TENS stimulates nerves and muscle fibres using electrical pulses, which can help reduce pain and release more endorphins.

Previous TENS systems were bulky and difficult to use. Our product design provided a more streamlined, ergonomic solution. We worked on every stage, including electronic design, PCB layout, wireless modelling, testing, and more, while ensuring medical compliance for Class 1, 2 and 3 level medical devices.

Learn more about WiTouch.

6. EnterMo Case by EnterMo Limited

Entermo Limited wanted to create a durable case designed specifically for Blackberry smartphones.

The design would need to improve the phone’s battery life and incorporate signature capture, barcode scanning, and other features.

We developed a complete turnkey solution using our experience in electronics hardware and software design. The resulting product is perfect for use in rugged settings, such as logistics and transportation.

Learn more about EnterMo Case.

7. Parkinson’s KinetiGraph

The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph from Global Kinetics allows doctors to monitor patients, allowing them to create more tailored treatment plans.

However, Global Kinetics wanted to create a smart dock so patients could charge the watch-like device and submit data to their doctor through the cloud.

This project relied on our team’s years of experience with developing medical devices and our knowledge of the requirements to achieve medical device compliance.

Combined with our partnerships with trusted manufacturers and industrial designers, our engineering team developed a multi-function smart dock with both 3G and 4G data and a durable design.

Learn more about KinetiGraph.

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