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Engineering Solutions

You’ve got the concept nailed – now is the time to begin putting it to action. But the experience and expertise to execute on this stage in your development is not easy to come by – at least not without a call to Procept. Our team is here to assist you in developing your product offering from concept through to realisation. We house some truly brilliant engineering and development minds, each with their own strengths and experience in the development of a variety of tech and software products. Look on below to get a snapshot of the engineering and software product development services we offer. Get in touch today to get started using our engineering team to your advantage and boost your set of capabilities.

Technical Review

Our team of experienced engineers will review your existing products or designs that aren’t performing to your expectations – understand the issues and provide a clear way to get the product performing to specification.

  • Reviewing previous designs
  • Understanding progress
  • Resolving technical issues
  • Component obsolescence
  • Cost reductions

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are an important activity to enable the understanding of technical problems or to understand the commercial viability of a design decision. They are used to ensure decisions are made with high quality information.

  • Technology performance
  • Feasibility of an approach
  • Commercial viability

Electronic Engineering

Our electronic engineering services are tailored to your specific needs and may include analogue or digital design, schematics and PCB routing.

Engineering activities may include:

  • Hardware design
  • BoM scrubs
  • Component obsolescence
  • Modernisation

Software Engineering

Our team of software engineers have experience in the development of software for a range of platforms and a diverse range of applications from medical to mining instrumentation. We can assist in developing a full solution or assisting you in coding a specific feature.

  • Embedded systems
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • Windows Applications
  • Linux Builds
  • Device drivers

Mobile App Development

We build apps that engage and focus in on what really matters – a great user experience. App design is crucial in creating an immersive experience for your customers. The team works closely with our team of UX /UI designers to ensure the software we develop is intuitive and looks the part.

  • Wireframing
  • UX/UI design
  • iPhone app development
  • Android app development

Cloud Development

We build elegant, secure, and scalable web apps for the management of devices and data using the latest technologies provided by Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. We draw on our expertise in user experience, cloud, and artificial intelligence to bring the latest solutions to life.

  • Dashboards and insights
  • Data management
  • Artificial Intelligence / machine learning
  • IoT device management


Procept is proudly unique in our offering of being the only Technology Solutions partner you need to provide expert Advisory services and fully develop all end-to-end aspects of your product or technology solutions.

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