eHat by eHat Systems Pty Ltd


The eHat system is a brand new way of quickly and efficiently transferring knowledge to anyone working in an external industrial site. Companies with field-employed staff can use eHat to connect their people to trained experts, providing remote help exactly when they need it. The system revolves around a video/audio streaming hardhat, which is connected via a smartphone back to a central location.

Complete Solution



The eHat team needed to prove that effective two-way communication via a safety helmet was achievable. To do that we needed to prove the feed was visually reliable and did not suffer from latency. This meant developing compression software as well as prototype hardware that included a camera, microphone, battery and processing. Squeezing this all into the confines of a great looking concept hardhat was achieved by our talented friends at Katapult Design.

On the electronics front the key challenges in the design were the integration of many components into the wheel space available (motor, electronics, battery, mechanics) and the coordination of the wheel behaviour without the benefit of a physical wired connection between them.
Most importantly, the system had to be easy to use and last for 27 holes before needing to be recharged.


We built working prototype electronics that successfully demonstrated the core functions of the eHat product, packaged up in a concept model by Katapult Design look and feel like the final product.

Key Areas

  • Feasibility study to remove risk
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Embedded software design
  • Hardware design
  • Wireless network design



After successfully completing a working prototype, eHat are now progressing to field trials where they can demonstrate the benefits of the system to real customers.