Building the right product

Our goal is to help you build your business. We do this with our customers using our skills in product management, electronics engineering and design for manufacture. Each situation is unique, which is part of the joy of product development. Rest assured our experience is broad so you can make confident decisions quickly.

Boosting business capability

Working with our team will increase the capabilities of your business. We’ll improve the way your products are built and designed through collaboration and a focus on your business goals. Our strength is our experience, cutting through the mass of available options to land on the right path which gets your product to market quickly, leaving you to focus on creating customer value.

Product Development

Product development is a turnkey solution for creating a new product. There is an opportunity in the market for your business, you need the skills and capabilities to bring that vision to life. Product development is a process, we’ll help you figure out where you are within that, and then tailor the work accordingly.

Engineering Services

Engineering services are for customers with a specific technical question that requires attention, or a set of prescribed tasks where your team needs a boost to its capabilities.

Process diagram

Research and Investigation

Using our experience in Product Management and Engineering, we partner with you to define the right product to meet your business goals. We guide you with objective, unbiased feedback produced with lean design techniques and engineering research.

  • Clarify Business goals
  • Research to understand your customers and market trends
  • Product concepts & visualisations
  • User Experience (UX) design concepts
  • Investigation of critical technical risks
  • Manufacturing costs

    Outcome: Know what your valuable product is, and its viability before you build it.


Proof of Concept

A Proof of Concept can validate the technology, confirm market demand or shore up investment. It’s that powerful. This is a vital stage so we work hard on creating a concept that through testing demonstrates your most valuable outcomes.

  • Refine concepts based on a preferred direction
  • Exploratory working prototypes
  • Build cloud interfaces and App’s
  • Product demonstrations to customers
  • Define final product features

Outcome: Clear objectives and a set of design inputs for your product


Pilot System

This stage is intended to deliver a release of the product with most of its features complete. It can then be tested in its intended environment to draw out feedback ahead of final design decisions around hardware, enclosures and software. Depending on your product, activities would include:

  • Hardware engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Industrial design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Testing the product with customers

Outcome: Product tested in the field. Final design updates known and planned.


Refine and Release

This stage is typically the most exciting as your product design receives final updates after pilot testing and customer feedback. We also start to finalise files for your first production run,  along with compliance and certification testing.

  • Design Refinements
  • Software improvements
  • Manufacturing assessment
  • Product Certification

Outcome: Formal release of product that has been successfully tested against Design Inputs


Manufacturing Services

The transition of your design to volume manufacturing is a watershed moment. To help customers through this we use our experience in manufacturing to work through the following:

  • Selecting the right manufacturer
  • Transfer of design to contract manufacturer
  • Design of manufacturing test software and systems
  • Set up of test systems at the manufacturing site
  • Training of manufacturer’s staff on the product and test software
  • Overseeing ramp-up of manufacturing
  • Resolving engineering issues as they arise

Outcome: Product reliably manufacturing at planned volumes


Product Support and Maintenance

When a product is live in market there will be feedback from customers, unexpected faults and issues to resolve. Customers end up using your product in ways you never imagined…some of which lead to valuable improvements, some that just break things. To help with this we provide tailored support options so you can still access product expertise when you need it.

Outcome: A product that has technical support when it’s needed.


Engineering Services

If you need a boost to your capabilities or have a specific technical question regarding your product our Engineering Services can help. Typical activities can include:

  • Product tear-downs
  • Schematic Design
  • Device Driver Development
  • Product improvements
  • Hardware modernisation
  • Cost reductions