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Our story

Procept was founded in 2006 based on a vision to make a positive difference through the application of the latest technologies to solve real-world problems and improve peoples’ lives.

We live and breathe product development.

We focus on achieving the best outcomes for customers through our engineering expertise and through investment in new technologies that allow us to develop products in record time.

Our attention on customer value has propelled the company to what it is today, providing world-class design and engineering services to clients in Australia and around the world.

  • 2006

    Procept was founded

    Procept was founded in Melbourne, Victoria

  • 2008

    World-first wireless downhole mining instrument

    Wireless communications between the instrument and handset was a world-first

  • 2009

    Opening of magnetic calibration facility

    Magnetic calibration facility enhances capabilities in the development of inertial systems

  • 2010

    WiTouch PRO

    Flexible adhesive wireless TENs device to relieve lower back pain, designed for Hollywog

  • 2011


    Smart, wearable and disposable incontinence solution for the aged and disabled care market, designed for Simavita

  • 2012


    Wireless sensor system for the monitoring of biodiversity, designed for Department of Agriculture, Australia

  • 2015

    First fully integrated video streaming hard hat solution

    Productivity and safety to field workers through video conferencing, designed for eHat systems.

  • 2016

    Procept achieves ISO13485:2016 certification

    Quality Management certification further enhances capabilities

  • 2017

    Opening of new offices in Mulgrave

    Investment to foster creativity and expand in-house engineering capability

  • 2018

    SPECTOR Optics

    Geological instrumentation incorporating the latest in Artificial Intelligence and cloud technologies, designed for Kore Geosystems

  • 2018

    Aerospace product achieves supersonic speed on a Superhornet F/A-18B

    Non Intrusive Flight Test Instrumentation System, designed for Defence Innovations

  • 2019

    Smart Wheels

    Fully integrated wireless controlled golf wheels, design for Concourse Golf

  • 2020


    World's first baby monitoring sleep bag system designed for SmartSnugg

  • 2021

    Advanced Locker

    State-of-the-art locker system with a modern look. Reliable, adaptable and user-friendly, designed for Advanced Locker

Our philosophy

Building market-leading products.



Our focus is quality.



Products Developed



Our philosophy is simple – by achieving great outcomes for our customers, by providing opportunities for our staff, and by contributing to our community – we achieve our full potential.

Our vision is to make a positive difference through the application of the latest technologies to solve real-world problems and improve peoples’ lives.

Our mission is to serve as your key technology strategic partner, leveraging our Advisory and Technology Solutions development expertise to deliver custom developed solutions to meet your business’s specific needs. Empowering companies with the latest technology and data insights to drive their business growth is our speciality.

Partner with Procept and drive and your company to significant and continued market-leading success through our shared passion for innovative technology solutions.

Award Winning Engineering & Design

Meet the leadership team

Our senior management team has over 100 years of collective experience in product development, technology and business strategy.

Aaron Maher

Managing Director

Aaron is one of Procept’s founders. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience having work at GM, Ericsson and having started a number of new enterprises over the last 15 years.

Aaron has over 20 years experience in product development, entrepreneurship, technology commercialisation, and business management.

Adrian Crouch

Chief Technology Officer

Adrian is a co-founder of Procept. He’s a keen technology entrepreneur with leadership experience in product management, technology strategy and business development in Australia and abroad.

Adrian has extensive experience in automation and wireless product development, and enjoys pushing the boundaries with new and novel technologies.

Dino Bravin

Sales Executive

Dino Bravin has over thirty years of experience in the technology sector, having worked in both the public and private sector.

Dino enjoys providing innovative technology solutions for his customers, maintaining customer & business relationships and assisting customers develop strategic insights about their markets.

Robert Natoli

Project Office Manager

Rob brings over 20 years experience in project management on product and system development projects. Managing projects in telecommunications and mobile applications in banking, toll-road operations, aviation and health insurance.

Rob enjoys working with clients to understand their requirements and with development teams to deliver client value.

Nilesh Ghatpande

Engineering Manager

Nilesh brings over 20 years’ experience in product engineering, and is passionate about building high performance teams that apply cutting edge technology to solve real world problems.

Nilesh believes in collaboration and is responsible for realising benefits offered by local and globally distributed cross-functional teams.


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