The Medical Wearable creating a better life for Parkinson’s patients

Global Kinetics has been on a journey for the past 10 years with a clear and focused mission to help Parkinson’s sufferers live a better life. They have recently received an investment of $7.7 million from the Australian Federal Government’s Biomedical Translation Fund and have the support of big-name Parkinson’s foundations including; The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Shake it up foundation and Parkinson’s Victoria to further improve the lives of Parkinson’s sufferers.

“Approximately one in 100 Australians over the age of sixty lives with some form of Parkinson’s Disease.”

Better Health Victoria

Better quality life

The device is the Parkinson’s Kinetigraphy (PKG™). The PKG™ Watch is a wrist-worn class II medical device that records patients symptoms and sets reminders for when they need to take prescribed medication. Recordings take place at home, over a 7 day period. During this time patients can go about their day-to-day activities.

Data collected by the PKG™ Watch is analysed and provided to the patient’s doctor in a detailed report known as a PKG™. Thus far Global Kinetics Corporation has issued 25,000 patient reports to clinicians across the world, equating to 3 million hours of recording!

How did the IoT help transform this device?

The process of receiving data from the PKG™ Watch was very manual and not especially easy for those living in rural communities. Before the Smart Charger, data stored on the PKG™ Watch was manually downloaded by the clinician by connecting the device to a computer. This meant the PKG™ Watch needed to either be sent via mail or dropped off by a patient for the clinician to retrieve the data.

Global Kinetics identified the issue and with a mission to make life easier for patients they knew there had to be a better way, not only to prevent inconvenience but also to optimize the analysis period for the clinician, giving them the ability to provide advice to patients in a more timely manner.
The outcome was the Smart Charger. The Smart Charger serves as a charger as well as a data manager. It extracts and transmits all of the data recorded by the PKG™ Watch to the cloud, allowing clinics to access information instantly.

GKC’s progress and achievements

The team was thrilled to have the opportunity to develop such an important addition to the PKG System. It is always nice when we get to develop a product that not only changes lives but allows us to work with an incredibly passionate team of people. We have been inspired by the team throughout the project and are privileged to be a part of the journey.

It has been amazing to watch the company and device grow to what it is today. We can not wait to see what is next for the Global Kinetics team and the future for Parkinson’s patients.


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