Receva by Australia Post

One of the biggest nightmares when receiving a package is, coming home to a mailing slip. Which is followed by a dreaded trip to the Post Office during your lunch break or on the weekend. Australia Post want to create a solution to this issue through “The Receva” an at home mailbox that provides a secure location for your home delivers. Ensuring you never miss a delivery again.  




Australia post came to us with hardware and software to begin creating the receiver but needed it to be more mature, reliable and developed further. The project needed to be discreate and delivered in a tight timeline to ensure they were the first device on the market. Receva required a secure, low power wireless connection to the internet that could provide Australia wide coverage and intergraded with cloud-based software.  


We built hardware and software solutions that met the requirements of Receva covering: Wireless communication range, coverage, availability, integration to cloud-based web applications and key FOB solutions to carriers ensuring the outcome was secure for customers. We worked closely with Receva’s industrial design partner to intergrade the electronics with the product allowing their vision to come to life. Receva had already been busy with pre-orders and therefore requested us to complete the task in a tight time frame.  


  • Advisory around Technology selection vs. requirements  
  • Low power wireless network design  
  • Embedded software development  
  • Cloud based integration  
  • Secure access design  



Receva released the first version of the product to customers in Spring of 2017, allowing users to say goodbye to re-deliveries, collection cards and disappointment!  

Receva by Australia Post App

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