Kore Geosystems is a start-up in the mining industry focused on the development of products that assist in the consistent classification of rock using on-site instrumentation, artificial intelligence and intuitive software.

Every year there are millions of meters of exploration and production drilling that is undertaken worldwide at a significant cost to the mining industry. One of the outcomes of the drilling process is core, which is the rock that is extracted from the drilling processing and brought to the surface. The core contains a significant amount of information regarding the geology of the rock that can inform the geologist of the underlying mineral deposit of interest.

At present, the analysis of the core samples involves an arduous and time-consuming process, with a geologist typically required to manually inspect, measure, photograph and log hundreds of meters of core per day. The manual nature of these activities makes them prone to human error, and the structure of the data, which is stored in different locations, makes it near impossible to collate and extract any meaningful information. KORE Geosystems identified this issue and knew there had to be a better way.

Complete Solution



The challenge was to develop a system that combined precision instrumentation, intuitive software and AI that could overcome the limitations of the existing workflow and withstand the harsh operating environment.


Advisory Services

– Competitor research
– On-site visits
– Attending trade shows to understand the market landscape
– Workflow analysis & usability study – including a VR walk through

Engineering Services
Product development included electronics design, mechanical design, industrial design, optics, image calibration and processing, and cloud implementation.

Manufacturing Services
Assessment of candidate contract manufactures for all instrument components, coordination of the manufacture of two fully functioning, calibrated instruments for pilot trails. This included management of all manufacturing and freighting of the instruments to Chile.

Support Services
Product support and maintenance services are provided to address any in market critical issues and product maintenance. Including on-site commissioning of the instruments.

Key Areas

  • Market research
  • Workflow analysis
  • Concept development
  • Industrial Design
  • Mechatronic Design
  • Optical Design
  • Image processing
  • Windows Software



KORE Geosystems launched SPECTOR at PDAC 2019 in Canada. After a proof of concept trial completed in Chile with GoldCorp. With 2 fully functioning prototypes, calibrated, tested and commissioned on site within 8 weeks.

Where SPECTOR logged 1,000m of core in 1 day and SPECTOR AI automatically classified lithology at a rate of 91% accuracy.