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Product Realisation

PRODUCT Realisation

Great work begins with a concept. For those seeking to give their work the best start possible, we provide our advisory services in the form of what we call product realisation. This is a light weight service used to help start-ups define their target business opportunity and generate a concept sketch that they can use to engage with stakeholders.

This aspect of your development as an organisation can serve as a pivotal step. The support of our advisory services here is a brilliantly targeted way of ensuring that you have what you need on hand to see your ideas on paper – creating the beginnings of an actionable plan toward a fully realised product.

  • Workshops
  • Define business goals
  • Define product
  • Identify competitive products
  • Workflow
  • Sketch

Product Definition

Product definition is a step beyond the initial work of product realisation. In an advisory capacity, the Procept team will be there to assist you in identifying the key developmental factors that will inform your product.

We will assist you in developing your understanding of the market that you are selling into, the users you envision will benefit directly from your work and laying the conceptual framework of your concept down on paper.

This process will include our assistance and advice in identifying technical risks and making some preliminary steps into developing a manufacturing partnership or in-house manufacturing capacity.

  • Business Goals
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Research
  • Persona Development
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Product Specification
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Estimate Manufacturing costs

Digital Discovery

Digital discovery encompasses the work and advisory expertise that informs your product development using digital tools. This is a process designed to assist you and your organisation in seeking to understand your market, and the place your product takes within it.

Existing prototype work and digital tools will be used to further your understanding of the user experience – these processes will be geared to assist in the research and ideation phases that will inform the ideal flow of use of your product.

The digital experience then grows by turning the flow of use into early sketches, wire-frames and eventually clickable prototypes of the experience for testing and feedback.

  • Design Directions
  • Wireframes
  • UX designs

Product Review

The fastest progress is often iterative. Though it isn’t always perfectly clear at first what that next phase in your product development ought to look like. For those seeking clarity and an understanding of where they ought to direct their efforts, we provide product review consultancy services that are designed to facilitate that growth.

If you have found yourself seeking the experience and expertise of a team that can take your product further, Procept is here to help you do just that. We can assist in developing your understanding of any performance issues, or procedural inefficiencies – creating opportunities to resolve those problems and get to market in a cost-effective way.

This process may include a review of the following product areas:

  • Product features
  • Performance and reliability
  • Software and hardware designs
  • Wireless design
  • Manufacturing
  • Environmental factors

Medical Device Certification

The development and production of medical technology is a demanding process. There is a great deal to consider at every turn, and an ongoing body of risks that accompany the complexity of seeing any medical instrumentation through to execution.

To assist companies in mitigating the risk of falling short, we provide our advisory services with a view to ensuring that each aspect of your product development journey is understood both specifically and holistically. We can assist by developing an understanding of your need for high-quality documentation, your products present standing with certification requirements and more through high-level reviews and gap analysis.

This process may include a review of the following areas:

  • Intended use
  • Requirements
  • Technical standards
  • Design verification and validation
  • Software and hardware design
  • Risk management
  • Documentation control


The scope of service identifies potential gaps in your technical file and is not a clause by clause detailed review.

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