Biophony by Department of Primary Industries

Farmers and fruit growers in Australia are under increasing pressure to minimise the environmental impact they have on the land. Understanding the range of species that exist is key to understanding how to treat the land whilst maintaining ecosystem health.

Complete Solution

Design. Development. Engineering.


Our task was to design and develop wireless sensors that could be deployed over a wide area. Each sensor needed to collect high quality audio data and automatically transmit it back to a central server.


We built modular sensor stations powered by solar panels that could easily be deployed in a wide area network. Each station could collect a huge amount of high quality audio data and wirelessly transmit it to a central server. We also developed analysis software for users so they could quickly collate the data and produce reports.


  • Low power wireless network design
  • Software application development
  • Audio codec design and development
  • Robust, modular based system
  • Intuitive web interface

Project Success


Users can quickly search through terabytes of audio data; covering huge distances so they can perform analysis and record their findings on ecosystem health more efficiently.

“Procept’s innovation is really the integration of all the systems components, the sensors, the gateway and the RC’S, all tied together in a package that makes sense.”

Prof Stuart Gage, Soundscape Entomologist, Michigan State University
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