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Simavita had a goal of improving the monitoring and management of incontinence in aged care facilities. Previously, these events were hard to predict and manage causing discomfort and reduced quality of life for sufferers. It was also costly, requiring up to 25% of aged care facility time and $1,127M per year to care for in Australia alone.

The Challenge

Our task was to create a remote monitoring system, perfectly suited to the aged care environment that would remove manual assessments and allow clinicians to provide evidence based care plans for sufferers.

Our Solution

We created a wireless mesh network that accommodated wireless sensors on the move. Data being recorded was wirelessly transmitted to a central server for storage and real-time analysis. With this, Dr’s were able to create tailored care plans for patients.

Key Areas

  • A Wireless mesh network design
  • Design & build of small, wireless body worn sensors
  • Recording and wireless transmission of data
  • Real time processing and data analysis.
  • Continuous sensor operation for 100 hours between charges.
  • Software to manage the system and events.


SIM is in use in Aged care facilities in Australia and currently undergoing trials in the US and Canada. Most importantly, it is helping restore continence for thousands of Aged care residents providing a positive impact on their quality of life.

Aged Care IoT Device

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