Instrumentation PROJECTS

We have an extensive track record in the design and development of data collection and instrumentation devices for rugged environments, including products for Agriculture, Mining and Defence. Industrial asset tracking, tool monitoring, and the collection of valuable data is paramount for industry today. To realise business benefits in efficiency and open new revenue streams the technology used to measure, capture and transmit data must be reliable, robust, and fit to operate in your environment, whether that’s deep in the ground, or km’s from any network connection.

Our experience covers wireless technologies all the way from RFID close range technology, through to long range 900Mhz based systems. Coupled with our knowledge of industrial grade sensors, instrumentation, embedded software, and location tracking technology, we’ll design a system that meets the requirements of your situation and delivers business benefit.

We offer a full range of services from feasibility work, through to Design for Manufacture services, up to military grade spec. for reliability testing.

For more information on our work in instrumentation applications, take a look at some of the projects and stories below.


  • Wireless network design for remote environments
  • Low power, rugged sensor development
  • Highly accurate instrumentation design
  • Industrial grade wearable devices
  • Full Design for Manufacture services

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