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End-to-end development of IoT systems

IoT Devices

Smart Devices that are connected to the internet and can measure temperature, motion, speed, weight, moisture, heartrate, electrical current, light, sound, video and much more.

Edge Computing

With Smart Devices collecting and transmitting data all the time, a data repository that can handle an exponential volume of information and 'see' data patterns.

Cloud + AI

Cloud platforms allow data streams to be read and analysed in real time and provide machine learning to forecast and predict of consequences from the data.

Network Design, Protocols, and Sensors

digital iot

Our extensive experience in the world of IoT product development will ensure you choose the right technology path for your project.

We’ll use our expertise in wireless communication, sensors and networks to piece together the perfect solution, one that suits your business goals and provide an enjoyable user experience. Our experience covers wireless technologies, edge processing, AI and machine learning, and application development.


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With our knowledge in sensor design, edge computing and cloud development, we’ll design a system that can reliably gather, transmit and send your data to a central point for analysis and use – whether this in the home, across city blocks or in remote locations.

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Tell Us About Your Project

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We will be in contact to let you know how we can help bring your vision to life.

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