Our team is as versatile as a modern-day Swiss army knife, and we're ready to fit into your back pocket.


What We Do

Electronic Engineering

We have experience in highspeed digital, analogue, and mixed signal electronic engineering using ridget or flex PCB manufacturing techniques.

Software Engineering

Firmware to bare metal bring up software, devices drives and applications for Windows, Linux, Android, RTOS and other proprietary operating systems.

Support & Maintenance

The support of your product while in market is critical to long term success. Our support services ensure that you have access to key people when you required them.

Advisory Services

We help businesses turn their ideas into revenue ready products. Our advisory team will help you make the right decisions for your business during those critical early stages.

Cloud Engineering

Experience in the development of cloud solutions for AWC and Microsoft Azure. We build the web applications that provide an intuitive way for customers to interact with your product.

Industrial Design

We design products that shape industries, with early stage sketches, rendered concepts, through to mechanical engineering, and virtual product walkthroughs.

Lab Capabilities

Procept has a dedicated laboratory for product development including electronic design, sensor calibration and RF engineering.

Manufacturing Services

We support you to put in place the supply chain to allow you to manufacture at scale. We’re on the floor with you - reducing risk at every stage.



managing director

& Co-founder

Aaron is one of Procept’s founders and a passionate technology entrepreneur. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to our product development work with a particular eye on helping our customers through the journey of commercialisation.

Aaron has over 15 years experience across wireless network design, test engineering and mass manufacture. He uses his experience of the entire development process to deliver successful products for our customers, providing a safe pair of hands from design all the way through to manufacturing and support.


& Co-founder

Adrian is a co-founder of Procept and is responsible for Procept’s activities in Europe. Like Aaron, he’s a keen technology entrepreneur with leadership experience in product management, technology strategy and business development in Australia and abroad.

Adrian has extensive experience in home automation and wireless consumer product development, architecting novel hardware products which deliver against new found market opportunities. Adrian is passionate about the quality of our work and being proud of the novel solutions we deliver with our customers.

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