Useful resources for hardware start-ups

Developing a product and business is exciting, but there’s not a whole lot of help out there for hardware start-up’s. We’re going to change that by growing a list of useful resources right here. We’ve broken it down into a few key areas which we’ll be updating regularly.

Getting started

How to build a hardware product and business – Part 1 – By Rob Crowder

The Disciplined Entrepreneur – Bill Aulet

This book is great if you’re just starting out on your entrepreneur journey. The book breaks down the process of going from idea to market into 24 steps that you can check off as you go. There’s a mixture of software and hardware case studies to follow so there’s something for everyone.

How to build a valuable product

User story mapping – Jeff Patton

I love this book because it explains how to articulate what your product does in a very clear way. It also shows you how to focus on who the product is for, and why they’d care about it enough to part with cash. Two very important ingredients for a successful business!

A little bit of everything

The Hardware Startup: Building Your Product, Business, and Brand – Renee DiResta, Brady Forrest, Ryan Vinyard

This book only came out a few months ago so is bang up to date. It’s great because it focuses on hardware only and how you can overcome hurdles and challenges on the path from idea to market.

Running a business, what it’s really like.

The hard thing about hard things – Ben Horowitz

Pulling no punches, this book tells it like it really is. Running a start-up is fantastic, but it is hard work so having this book beside you is reassurance that you’re doing ok, you’re not the first to face these challenges and you can get through it!


Global certifications for makers and hardware start-up’s – Andy Eadie

You can’t sell an electronic product without gaining the necessary certifications. It’s as simple as that. This book gives a rundown on the key standards for connected products and what testing really involves.

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