At the start of the month, we attended The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), the worlds premier mining convention! With 25,843 attendees from more than 130 countries, this year’s event was the biggest yet.

Procept PDAC Mining Convention

With a wide range of attendees and booth holders, key themes to come out of this year’s event included:

  • Ethical mining best practice:

    The industry is starting to take more of a stance on ethical mining with big players and newcomers leading the way. Not only through payment, elimination of child labour, diversity and inclusion but also environmental & community impact. For both companies and investors.

  • Mining innovation (The Digital Mine):

    More drones, cloud storage, automation, and wearable technologies. Innovation is at the forefront and industry is no longer turning their heads. The digital mine is here and this year we can say we witnessed first-hand companies welcoming disruptive technology with open arms. The launch of SPECTOR at the Kore Geosystems booth, being among the busiest.
    It is truly exciting!

  • Sustainability:

    Looking at your triple bottom line, social, environmental and financial performance. Being one of the world’s most energy and water intensive industries, companies exploring a systematic approach to consumption reduction. Adding implementation

  • The next generation:

    The industry has been slow moving when it comes to innovating. This is starting to change with the next generation of businesses and young professionals looking to make their mark and challenge current practices. PDAC had a lot of Millennial startups and stories of students/volunteers that worked on site, saw issues in processes and built business models around how to do them better. It was inspiring to see, and exciting for the industry moving forward.

It was great to attend, discuss trends and network. Special congratulations to our customer KORE Geosystems on the launch of SPECTOR and being named “a not-to-miss booth” for PDAC.


Looking forward to next year!

Aaron Maher
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