The New Game Changing Convergence

We’ve been working on a really interesting project as of late, which combines some particularly distinct engineering disciplines and fields of expertise. Perhaps this project is just a glimpse of what’s to come…

The product in this case is essentially a networked appliance which combines the concepts of IoT product development, Big Data, AI and embedded systems. A convergence I don’t recall us dealing with in the past.  The fact this appliance is used in particularly remote locations just adds more to the mix.

I think it is the AI and big data elements that I find most fascinating, especially since this promises to completely shake up an existing industry where the existing approach has been manual, slow and highly subjective.  Naturally getting the very significant volumes of data uploaded from a remote location is also a key challenge being tackled in the project.

We suspect that this convergence of an AI, Big Data, and IoT product is likely to become increasingly more common and we would expect it will most notably cause disruption in niche/traditional industries as a result of the reducing cost and increasing viability of this type of technology and electronic design.

Keen to know more about this specific project?

If so, stay tuned, we’ll have some announcements about this product and the convergence quite soon.

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Adrian Crouch
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