We recently posted a blog about the Internet of Things (Iot). Since that post went up, there has been a lot of discussion about what IoT really is. It turns out our engineers have a lot to say about it!

The meaning of IoT

It’s no secret IoT has been around for decades. One of our engineers mentioned his first IoT device was back in 1996. It was a door access lock controlled by cell phone modems. Imagine the look on people’s faces back then if you told them you had the ability to open their door remotely?! He also spoke about how they knew when a machine needed to be refilled.

The re-occurring theme about IoT was that it seems to be an “umbrella term”. Our Engineers consider the meaning of IoT to be more of an integration phrase, rather than a technical description. Not wishing to stereo-type Engineers in anyway…but they are sticklers for using the correct technical terms! Their opinion is that the IoT landscape is still a mess of protocols, technologies and standards, and breaking these down into ‘recipes’ for particular scenarios of use would be more beneficial for the industry as a whole. A bit like IFTTT but for bigger ideas like cattle tracking in agriculture or tracking the safety of construction site workers.

IoT in the Modern Day

Even with this in mind, the general consensus around the office is that technology is finally catching up to potential. Connected devices have been around for a long time, but they weren’t easy to work with, and it was difficult to realise cost-effective, useful applications.

Zigbee were perhaps the first to pin together usefulness and value, but it was a hard slog back in 2006. Procept were one of the first companies to integrate it into a product and it was by no means straight-forward…but it certainly showed where the technology was headed.

Whether the meaning of IoT is technically accurate it doesn’t matter. Humans have an inherent need to label and group complex information so that it can be understood and shared with a large number of people. The fact we’ve reached this stage with “IoT” is exciting, it means a groundswell of effort behind new and exciting applications of technology that can help solve important problems.

We’re right behind this, and are enjoying the challenge of creating new opportunities with our IoT customers!

Rob Crowder
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