According to Forbes in 2016, 87% of people had no idea what the term IoT meant (Internet of Things) or what it was. Working on IoT products day in and out, this came as quite a shock to us! Given that, we’re here to give you a crash course on what is IoT and how it’s going to affect your future.

What is IoT?

You may have an IoT device at home or even one that you use in everyday life that you aren’t aware of. In the simplest terms an Internet of Things device is something that can read data and send it to another object for analysis. For example, one of the most likely IoT devices you may have is a Fitbit. This device records information from your day-to-day physical activity and sends this detailed information to an app for you to read results in detail.

Another example, in which you may have read a lot about recently is Google Home. Essentially it is a hands free smart speaker with a built in Google assistant. Using voice command, it allows you to control your other connected devices. For example: it may connect to your Google calendar and remind you about your business flight tomorrow at 1pm, it may also notify you that the flight time has changed to 1:30pm due to delays. You may also ask it to play a show from your Netflix account, or a new playlist you created in your music library.

These smart devices are the way of the future and are popping up in every sector from home, agriculture, medical and even apparel. IoT in Australia is expected to be worth over 4.7 billion in the next four years, with the market showing no sign of slowing down. IoT is shaping up to be a huge opportunity for businesses to develop new and exciting revenue streams.

We have worked on many Internet of Things devices over the past few years some of our favourites include:

Receva A smart mailbox for your home that will stop you from receiving that dreaded mailing slip when you get home from work

Biophony– Is a wireless sensor network deployed over wide areas of agricultural land, collecting high quality acoustic data for reporting on biodiversity

Now that you understand a little bit more about the Internet of Things, what are your thoughts? Does a future filled with these smart devices scare or excite you?

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